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Artillery Fire Control System (ART SYS 2000)

is designed for field artillery fire control in accordance with the tasks of modern war management. The system is interoperable with the command information system (CIS) of joint forces.

ART SYS 2000 is a complete system, battle proven. It comprises all equipment needed for the accomplishing of artillery tasks, ranging from observer’s instruments and fire direction centre (FDC) to fire positions. ART SYS 2000 also includes digital communications and differential GPS (D-GPS) technology.

ART SYS 2000 advantages are as follows:

  • significant reduction in artillery reaction time,Artillery Fire Control System (ART SYS 2000)
  • considerable increase in firing accuracy,
  • increase in artillery efficiency,
  • reduced quantity of needed ammunition,
  • simultaneous firing of different weapons,
  • simultaneous firing at a number of different targets,
  • data base management for all targets, weapons and all artillery deployment elements,
  • efficient and simple artillery missions planning,
  • redundancy: each fire position tacter (tactical terminal) or observer tacter is capable to take over the tasks of FDC; redundancy at low levels: in the case of failure of a part of observer’s equipment, or equipment at FDC or fire positions, ART SYS 2000 can accomplish its tasks,
  • standard artillery commands and messages are installed, and they can be sent automatically

ART SYS 2000 can control the fire of:
  • all weapon types of West and/or East origin,
  • weapons of all calibre,
  • various types of weapons (guns, howitzers, MLRS, mortars)  at the same time.


Reaction time (from target acquisition to firing) 15 - 60 sec
Observer’s and fire positions coordinates measuring error max. 10 m
Target coordinates measuring error    max. 25 m
Meteorological data automatically
Firing elements calculations complete, with all relevant parameters and data
Ballistics 6 DOF or  approximations
Equipment operating conditions full MIL SPEC
Distance between units (combat deployment dispersion) within the communication area
Radio transceivers type VHF, UHF

ART SYS 2000 enables fast reaction time of artillery units, firing accuracy, optimal efficiency with minimal use of ammunition, and it is soldier-friendly. This is achieved by using the most recent technologies and their integration into the system. The system design and its application are very flexible, and thus it can be easily expanded and adapted to any specific use of field artillery.

The number of weapons and their type are not practically limited and can be combined in accordance with user needs. ART SYS 2000 simultaneously supports different artillery weapons. The artillery weapons can be of West or East origin, or combined. Actually, ART SYS 2000 has been designed to control artillery fire on the whole battlefield with all the artillery weapons and units that make fire support on the battlefield. Besides artillery weapons, ART SYS 2000 supports the fire control of mortars of different calibre.

All the equipment is fully mobile, and at any position it is either operated only by one soldier or is fully autonomous. ART SYS 2000 operation is very simple and soldier-friendly, and no special knowledge is necessary to operate it. The training for the system operation is very short, five days on average.

Data (orders, messages) are transmitted by digital communication equipment - land-lines or radio transceivers. The data are encrypted and the time of radio transmissions is minimised, avoiding thus enemy detection.

The ballistic calculations include the following data and parameters: all the ammunition data, meteorological data, weapon characteristics and its position and orientation, as well as all other relevant data. Ballistic calculations are performed in two basic ways: by integration of differential equations of projectile trajectories (6DOF - six degrees of freedom) or by using approximation functions for firing tables. Meteorological data  are automatically updated by digital communication subsystem.

The observer’s equipment is modular and highly mobile. The observer is equipped with advanced sensors: laser rangefinder, GPS, electronic goniometer, digital compass. Other configurations are possible, for example, night-vision equipment or thermal camera.

At each operating point (weapon, forward observer post, etc.) there is a tactical terminal (TACTER). TACTERs have graphical capabilities, touch-screens and pen-based technologies. In this way, the soldier-interface is very simple and the whole system is soldier-friendly.  The existing processing capabilities of TACTERs are such that they enable further improvements of the system in the future

As it has been already mentioned, ART SYS 2000 is a very open system which allows permanent upgrades. The system is ready for production for potential clients. 

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