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BOX BARRIERThis system is used for quick construction of military forts. It fully substitutes sand-bags, and the field experience has shown numerous advantages of this system. Box barriers require minimal transport capacities and are easy to carry to the intervention site. The installation is fast, which is important in both war and peacetime conditions (e.g. extreme weather conditions). This structure can be filled with any available material and can therefore be adjusted to any terrain. If properly cleaned and stored, they can be re-used. Simple, functional and safe, Box Barriers increasingly claim their place on the market and are becoming an irreplaceable defense tool.


Prior to the installation of the Box Barrier a 20 cm deep and 1m wide excavation must be made. Box Barriers must be unfolded and placed in the excavation pit and then connected with galvanized rings or wire. Prior to filling a transversal reinforcement of the elements must be provided with galvanized wire to avoid the so-called „bellies“. With the help of machinery, the Box Barriers are filled with available material. Once filled, they provide a firm and stable defense line. Folding and storage Box Barriers must first be detached from each other. The elements should be lifted and emptied with a special equipment (Box barrier girder) attached to the existing machines (excavator, loader, etc.). Box Barriers should be cleaned, dried and properly stored, as to protect them against moisture and corrosion, to ensure that they can be reused. After the removal of box barriers no  non-biodegradable materials (PVC or PP bags) are left on the soil, which is a contribution to the preservation of the environment. 

Foldable Box Barrier
Dimension of the Box Barrier are:
  • Width: 1 m
  • Length: 3-5 m
  • Height: 1 m
Box Barrier is a foldable mesh structure, made of heavy galvanized, double-braided wire. The internal structure is lined with geotextile, and has no bottom or lid. It can be filled with any available material: gravel, sand, soil.

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