// Coastal Mine Hunter
Coastal Mine Hunter

Coastal Mine Hunter SPECIFICATION

LOA /B/H 25,70/6,80/4,04m
Displacement 173 t
Sweeping speed 7-9 KN  
Speed&Sea keeping 10 kn
Range&Autonomy 1000 NM / 7 days at 9 kn
Damage stability  
Machinery MTU 183, 365 kW
Combat System Gun cal. 20mm
Complement 14

The vessel is designed as low underwater signature, single hull vessel with combined main propulsion / hovering diesel driven plant, intended primarily for detection of bottom influence mines by means of a side-scan sonar and their identification and neutralization by means of remote-operated underwater vehicles (ROVs), and secondary fore line sweeping of moored mines.

Main tasks:
  • See bottom surveillance and recording in protected waters
  • Detection and classification of mine-like objects laid on sea bottom
  •  Identification and marking of disposal detected mines
  •  Line sweeping of moored mines and destroying of floating mines by gun fire
  • Marking of safe navigation routes

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