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Multiple Grenade Launcher Type RBG-6, cal.40x46mm


Multiple Grenade Launcher Type RBG-6, cal.40x46mm, is lightweight, semi-automatic, shoulder fired grenade launcher for infantry use. It fires widely used 40x46mm grenade, low velocity family grenades.

The weapon is based on the revolver principle with a spring-driven, gas operated cylinder.

The weapon is equipped with a three-position folding stock. When fully extended the stock is almost parallel with the barrel. It is locked in that position for shorter ranges and as the range increases, the stock can be raised slightly to facilitate sighting.

The weapon is fitted with an Occluded Eye Gunsight (O.E.G.), which means that the weapon is fired with both eyes open. One eye looks into the sight and focuses on the red line, while the other eye has unimpeded view of the target. The sight is fully operational in both good and poor weather conditions as long as the target is visible.

Multiple Grenade Launcher Type RBG-6, cal.40x46mm

Calibre: 40 x 46 mm
Operating system: Semi automated gas operated
Firing position: Shoulder fired
Trigger firing position: Double action
Handling & operation: One man weapon system
Length (Butt folded): 566 mm
Length (Butt extended): 777 mm
Height: 260 mm
Width: 158mm
Weight empty: 5.4-5.5 kg
Minimum range: 30m (depending on arming distance of grenade – example – Croatian grenade has arming range 11-28m)
Maximum range: 400 m
Effective range: 375 m
Muzzle velocity: 76 m/s
Cylinder type: 6 chamber revolving cylinder
Cylinder capacity: 6 rounds
Ammunition type:
All kinds of 40 x 46 mm Low Velocity, HE, HEDP, TP, Smoke, Incendiary

Stock type: Foldable-overlapping
Sighting type: Occluded
Interchangeability of parts: All parts interchangeable
Temperature range: - 40°C - +75°C
Rifle finish: Black matte non glare
Barrel rifling: Progressive – from 0° - 26,6°
Barrel protection: Chromed
Trigger actuation force: 40-65N
Firing pin exit while triggering: 2,2 – 2,5mm

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