ADA (Artillery Digital Assistant)

ADA (Artillery Digital Assistant)Combines navigation and mapping systems to provide a state-of-the-art assistance to artillery deployed on the battlefield.

Navigation using the GPS positioning system, position of artillery is continuously determined in real-time. Tactical digital map provides a powerful tool to aid the soldier in accomplishing his task. 

Tactical digital map displays:
  • Raster background map;
  • Vector layers;
  • 3D position using DEM;
  • Artillery units own position;
  • Forbidden Zones;
  • Target positions;
  • Forward observers;
  • Terrain profile;
  • Reference Points

The ADA provides the soldier a lightweight handheld fire control system and a modem that allows for digital communication within the fire support network. The system calculates ballistic solutions to fire missions and provides fire support coordination measures. The ADA is capable to control the fire of:
  • all weapon types of West and/or East origin,
  • weapons of all calibre,
  • various types of weapons (guns, howitzers, MRLS, mortars)  at the same time.
  • ADA combined with communications can provide a powerful networked system for tactical situation awareness of the whole unit, and more:
  • Members of the unit can exchange data on their own and enemy positions;
  • Unit commander can issue orders in an unambiguous graphic and textual way;

Data entered by soldiers on the battlefield can be sent to unit commander and travel upwards in military hierarchy, where it can be viewed by higher ranked military staff which can make plans according to current battlefield situations.