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Remote Laser Mine Activators Type LAM-1 and LAM-2

Remote Laser Mine Activators Type LAM-1

Laser transmitter is able to trigger any of the four receivers at the distance of 1.5 km (LAM-1), i.e. 5 km (LAM-2) using different codes for the receivers’ activation. We select the codes 1, 2, 3 or 4 on the transmitter and aim the transmitter toward the receiver with the same code. During mine activation the receiver must be aimed inside the circular reticule of the transmitter’s optical sight. By pressing the trigger, the laser transmitter is activated and it then transmits the coded package of impulses toward the receiver. It is necessary to ensure optical visibility (without obstacles) between the transmitter and receiver so that the receiver could detect the transmitter beam. The system range can be extended to 15 km in the good atmospheric conditions.

Remote Laser Mine Activators Type LAM-1 and LAM-2 SPECIFICATION

Range:  1500 m for LAM-1, 5000 m for LAM-2
Beam width at 1000 m: 4 m
Transmitter's autonomy: 100 times
Optical sight magnification: 4 x
Angle of circular reticule: 4 mrad
Receiver's autonomy: at least 40 hours in the worst conditions
Receiving angle: ± 35° for LAM-1, ± 20° for LAM-2
Number of codes: 4
Mass of the transmitter: 1.4 kg
Mass of the set: 7.6 kg (LAM-1); 8.1 kg (LAM-2)
Mass of the set with the carrying case: 17.5 kg (LAM-1); 17.7 kg (LAM-2)

 Remote Laser Mine Activators Type LAM-2

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