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TENT M-01-W is a tent type most frequently used to accommodate a small number of people for the following purposes: military, civil protection, the Red-Cross, fire department and scouts.

Material:  cotton
Structure (aluminium) pipes and joints
Width: 3 m
Length: 2.5 m
Crown height: 2.5 m
Lateral side height: 1.7 m
Floor surface: 7.5 m2

In 2004 Werkos has been awarded the NCAGE code A009B (NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code) and the NATO Stock numbers (NSN) for Small Tent and Large Tent products, including all respective spare parts. The Codification into the NATO system is a proof of high quality and significance of the Werkos Mobile Units programme and of our recognisability in military and civil practice, on both domestic and foreign markets.

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