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With our various programmes, we at Werkos respond to the needs of the broad community. Our innovations are the result of our experience and our commitment to field-testing. Our products have earned us the image of a recognisable company specialized in engineering and in a range of specific products. The Mobile Units for Military and Civil Purpose Programme includes the equipment for the needs of the domestic market, yet it also shows our global orientation and our commitment to respond to increasing challenges of the unpredictable powers of nature - not to harness them, but to protect ourselves against them or to adjust to them. Mounting and assembly of Mobile Units is easy, quick and simple. The equipment including the lining, the cabin and the floor enables the usability of the tent even in some extreme situations, such as for medical  corps and decontamination purposes. Spacious and airy, the tent can take in a large number of people (depending on its size): the wounded, the sick and the isolated. It is also suitable for safe storage of various types of goods.

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