Brodarski Institute since its foundation in 1948 has been specialized in designing surface and underwater naval vessels. Dozens of naval vessel classes and submarine classes were successfully designed. They include light corvettes of the Kotor class, missile corvettes of the Končar class, patrol vessels of the Mirna class, the Heroj class, Sava class and Una class submarines, and R1 and R2 type submersibles. For the needs of the Croatian Navy the following vessels were built according to the designs made by Brodarski Institute: the fast missile corvettes Kralj Petar Krešimir IV and Kralj Dmitar Zvonimir; the midget submarine Velebit, and the mine countermeasure vessel Korčula. Croatia is one of the few countries in the world that can boast of having its own technology of development and construction of submarines and mine countermeasure vessels, which are the vessels that represent the technological top in the naval shipbuilding field. The new patrol vessels for the needs of the Croatian Coast Guard have been also designed in Brodarski Institute.

Since its foundation up to date the Institute has developed the following types of naval vessels:
  • Frigates
  • Missile gunboats/corvettes
  • Patrol vessels
  • Mine countermeasure vessels
  • Interception vessels
  • Fast attack missile craft
  • Submarines
  • Submersibles
  • Swimmer Delivery Vehicles
  • Landing craft
  • Logistic support vessel
Brodarski Institute also designs different types of civil vessels, among which are the official vessels such as:
  • Coast Guard vessels
  • Police patrol vessels and boats
  • Search and rescue vessels
Brodarski Institute offers turn-key solutions in maritime technologies, from conceptual design definition to implementation and technology transfer.
The Institute designs and develops all types of vessels in steel, aluminium or glass-reinforced plastic. It also designs and develops shipyards and training grounds for naval vessel and submarine crews’ survival training.
It prepares all technical documentation and provides hydrodynamic testing services, consulting services, and construction supervision services for all types of vessels under construction and repairs. 

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